Poem: The night, his sieve and the moon

More often than not I include some poetry as part of my ‘out of office’ message. Sometimes it is my own verse. Sometimes it’s someone else’s. The following is on my Christmas ‘out of office.’ Still a little undecided what to title it.


The night, his sieve and the moon


We stepped out this misty morning

And found our world packed away.


It was as if God had sent us next day

Delivery to a far flung place.


We listened to our muffled voices and laughed

‘Is this what it feels like to be a gift?’


Roadside saplings stepped from the mist

Like children shedding winter coats.


And the sun peered behind misted glass,

A loved one coming to the door.


And then we walked across servings 

Of frosted fields and realised that


Night had tapped his sieve

Against the moon last night.



Simon Denegri

December 2018



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