Poem: Confetti I – IV

Confetti I, II, III, IV


Warm evening rain washes
Down stone, church steps,
Sending confetti scurrying
Between the cobbles;
T-shirted tourists hurrying
Through the streets of a Spanish town.


An innocent paper heart
Carried off the dance-floor
On the sole of a dancing shoe.
Then pushed to the back of a cupboard.
A love unrequited,
But not forgotten.


Freshly-made, the newly-weds
Fell upon the bed,
And unbuttoned each other’s hearts.
With nervous kisses they caressed
New paths over tired bodies,
Their lips picking confetti on the way.


The maid stood before the mirror
And watched confetti
Fall into the sink
From her untied hair.
A lost soul fallen

Simon Denegri
December 2018

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