The jug that pours

Just a bit of fun but it wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t a metaphor lurking in there somewhere would it? The jug in question actually refers to the one in the picture which is one of the few things I still have in my possession which my late sister, Claire, gave me.

The jug that pours

I have had
nicer looking
better made
more easily stored
highly prized and spoken of.

I have had them
metal beaten
glass blown
hand crafted
plain and painted
and some evn more ornately decorated.

In our home
You’ll find them
At arms reach with
milk or water
summer squash
but more often than not gravy and custard
(sometimes all in the same meal. Beat that!).

And those that
magically become,
a pitcher of beer
a carafe of wine
and occcasionally Pimms
at the hint of sun.
Jesus, eat your heart out.

But none
as good
as the old jug –
No glop
No mess
No spill –
That pours just right every single time.

Simon Denegri
September 2019