Poem: Unbeatable

I thought a wall had gone up between us.

But now I realise,

We are just different heights.

You sat there. Me standing here.


Each time I bend down to hug you, the world turns upside down

And my stomach churns.

But there’s nothing I can do about that.


Sentences spoken as if written in circles on the page.

No end. No beginning. Repeated again and again.

Words juggling forever in mid-air.


Thin. Lost. Crumpled.

Drained of colour.

You look like laundry lain across a chair.


But then you come alive.

As if shocked into fight. A last almighty stand

In the face of fate and fading.


I want to punch the air.

With the thrill of it.

I am a child again, on your shoulders.

The two of us unbeatable.



Simon Denegri

24 January 2018

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