It’s #NationalPoetryDay 2016. On the theme of ‘Messages.’ Here’s my poem to celebrate the day.

The stagecoach racing through snow and rain. 
The Pony Express with flowing mane. 
The telegraph poles raised high, 
Post boxes forged,
Proud and defiant. 

The signallers’ lamp across the harbour 
The carrier pigeon over Ypres and Flanders.
Beacons on coasts and bells in belfries, 
Stopping invasions, heralding truces.

The telephone wire 
That carried her sighs
That called in the wind 
Which hung in sorrow. 

Tapping on bars, knocking on walls
Soul mates, prison-mates
Yoghurt pots

Night trains and airplanes 
Juggernauts and vans. 
Doing the rounds
Letters in hand. 

Snail mail, email 
Twitter and text 
Heaven knows what will come next.

These are the ways we have passed on messages.
The monuments
The architecture 
The technology and devices. 

But they all begin 
With you and I
A desire 
To say….

Simon Denegri
October 2016

For more about National Poetry Day 2016 click here: 

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